An Unmanageable God

“Manageable visions
are not worthy
of an unmanageable God.”

Pause long enough to reflect on this quote by Larry Crabb from Shattered Dreams. At some level and in some way we all want to be in control; but God is untamable and unmanageable. Anything we can do for Him is small compared with what He can do through us.

What awe-inspiring things could happen today were we to let God be in control?


© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.


Filed under Christianity, God, influence with the world, Religion and Spirituality

5 responses to “An Unmanageable God

  1. Great quote, and well said. So thankful we aren’t dependent on our ability to control the future – but on God’s ability to work through us if we allow Him to.

    • So true Ali! And it sort of fits with your recent blog about how we all wrestle with control issues and try to manage life, even God at times.

      • Yes, ever since ‘the garden’ we’ve been trying to wrestle that control away from God. So grateful he graciously shows us where true power lies, and how wonderful it is to rest in His strength.

  2. Great quote. Thought provoking indeed. I like to think that by remembering that He IS always in control – but silent, means I cannot always see what is done in secret that looks like a coincidence.

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