The Coffee is Brewing

Jesus did not endure his days on earth out of a sense of obligation. His life was characterized by joy and energy; it was spent in relationship with others. Today, too many Christians line up to follow God out of duty or guilt, or even hoping to win a ticket to heaven. They completely miss the warmth and richness of the experience of living with God. They fail to pick up the aroma of what God is doing in their part of town.

Here’s the truth: God has set up shop where you live. The doors are open and the coffee is brewing. God is serving the refreshing antidote to the conventional, unsatisfying, arms-length spiritual life—and God invites you in. God won’t make you stand in line.

~ Excerpted from The Gospel According to Starbucks by Leonard Sweet

Pull up a seat, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy a few moments with God. He managed to handle the details of life before we were born and He’ll handle them long after we are gone. Give yourself to what you were created for – intimacy with the Lord.

Then head back into your activities with the awareness that you are not alone.


© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.


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4 responses to “The Coffee is Brewing

  1. Chris Jordan

    I just started preaching a series on the Gospel of John at our church, and this first Sunday, we looked at John 1:14 – “The word became flesh.” I like Leonard Sweet’s quote: “God has set up shop where you live. The doors are open and the coffee is brewing.” I’ll have to share that this Sunday!

  2. Great last line – may we keep finding refreshment in Him to face the day with Him.

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