My first real taste…

I’d heard of it, read of it, dreamt of it but never really experienced it.

I’m speaking of real community like what we read of in the second chapter of Acts.

I just spent the last 8 days at a retreat center in the hills near Asheville, NC with 35 people hungry for God. It was a School of Spiritual Direction led by Dr. Larry Crabb – a.k.a. – Zorro, of New Way Ministries.

I can’t begin to describe what we experienced but it involved transparency, authenticity, crying together, laughing together, eating together, hiking together, praying together, listening intently together, celebrating together, encountering new freedoms together and offering words of life to one another.

It was like nothing I had ever experienced!

It left me captivated at the image of the Trinity – Father, Son and Spirit – engaged in perfect community and inviting us into Their dance.

It shook me to the core with newly discovered layers of sinful patterns in how I relate in ways that disrupt that same divine rhythm.

And it left me humbled by the overwhelming love of a Trinitarian God who is at this very moment, and every moment, relentlessly pursuing us to enjoy us.

I am so very grateful for the chance to have shared such a journey with 35 people I’d never even met before, but hope to meet again before eternity.

And it restored my hope that we can experience a deeper, richer fellowship than what typically takes place on a Sunday morning in most churches.

Real community is not limited to or directly tied to this particular event. It can happen anywhere that people come together in brokenness and invite God’s Spirit to move among them.

May we all come to share in such a taste of heaven and may it change our world as others are drawn to the dance of the Trinity!


© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.


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4 responses to “My first real taste…

  1. I am jealous – in a Godly sort of way of course!

    • I hear you! I thought of you while there not only because of our blogging about church and community but also because we had one couple from Australia. I don’t recall where they are from but they are apparently about 3 hours away from you. God bless brother and thanks for sharing the journey!

  2. Kent

    I really think it’s interesting, and I’m not knocking you a bit Rick, to see people engage in real relationship with other Godly people and go, “Wow, so THIS is what it’s supposed to be like!” I’ve had that revelation myself over the past year. Been amazed watching others come to it too. It’s a God thing!!

    • It certainly is a God thing Kent! Was wonderful to experience something that I’d only ever dreamed about or imagined up to that point. Since “real community” was the focus of that week-long gathering I am hopeful that God can use me to help others realize more of what He intends for us to enjoy with one another as we share the journey. Glad to hear it’s been your recent experience as well! Thanks!

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