Are you curious?

What is it about God that captivates your curiosity?

Last week I learned about perichoresis. Any idea what that might be?

It’s a word used by the early church to describe the intimate, loving relationship between God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. It’s a description of how they exist in perfect community.

The word perichoresis comes from two Greek words, peri, which means “around” and chorea, which means “dance.” It is a term that expresses the intimacy of the relational nature between the persons of the Godhead. It’s what some have referred to as The Dance of the Trinity.

I’ve understood God as three persons for a long time now, as well as is humanly possible. But I’d never considered the nature of their coexistence. Their manner of relating to each other and loving each other is beyond our ability to completely comprehend, but it has captured my curiosity.

And the best part is that we’re invited into the dance! Right here. Right now. We get to share in Their fellowship.

So what does it look like to dance with the Trinity?


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