If I had hair left I’d be pulling it out!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

I’ll spare you the details but it has been one of those weeks when the planned agenda not only isn’t flowing well but seems to have supernatural forces pushing in the opposite direction.

Yesterday evening I’m on my way home from picking up a pizza for Kyrsten’s golf banquet and trying to process the chaotic rhythm that has disrupted the last few days. The questions doing laps in my head were:

“Why in the world are all these things coming against me? Why can’t I get through an hour without some unexpected dilemma demanding my attention? Why can’t things go more according to my plan?”

Then as I was navigating the end-of-day traffic a different set of questions began to form in my mind. It went something like this:

“OK Lord. This week so far has gone nothing like I expected or planned. If You are sovereign – and I believe You are – what are You up to? What is going on? And how do I get in step with You?”

I’d love to tell you that the sky opened up with a message from God but that was not the case. I continued to wrestle with what God was up to but the shift in my questions changed my approach to life. I quit growling and actually enjoyed the evening with my family.

How easily we forget that life centers around God’s agenda and not ours. It’s His story, not our story.

May we learn to give ourselves continuously to be part of that story.


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6 responses to “If I had hair left I’d be pulling it out!

  1. Rick,

    it isn’t Friday yet. lol.

    be blessed bro. rest in the finish work of Jesus.

    to you its a week. to me its a month. at the end of this month, I am losing a job. who’s gonna pay the bills? put food on the table? etc etc…

    you have no idea, how you made my “Friday” “The Day of the week”

    indeed. at the end of the day, It isn’t our faith that saved us, it is the savior that save us. Jesus is the one that saved us and has the first and the last say of everything. amen


    – grace and peace

    • Rick Alvey

      Thanks brother! So grateful we have a God who is not surprised by the things that surprise us and promises to always be with us. Be blessed as you are stretched to trust Him in new ways and wait to see what the next part of this journey looks like for you at the start of a new month!

      • I just signed yesterday for a new job and another job is queuing to sign me in too! not to mention the endless invitations for an interview.. wew.

        I forgot to tell Jesus, I only need 1 job. hehehe.
        but hey, God does it with style. He gives us 3 good things to pick one.
        so even if we made a bad pick, its still good.

        be bless bro. all is good for you.

        – grace and peace

      • That’s great new! Thanks for sharing it with me!

  2. julie

    I was just thinking this same thought right before I sat down to the computer…it isnt my story, it is Gods story and He is the author of my life…sometimes I wish I could flip to the last chapter……… but where would the fun be in that? What an awesome God we serve!!!

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