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“I want to go to a church that reaches my heart with truth.  Of course, truth must reach my head–I need to know what the Bible says–but if it stops there, the truth I hear and perhaps believe will lack power.  It will not be living and active.  It will not set me free.  It will not provide what I need to shift my addiction from less than God to God.”     ~ Real Church, Page 82

Question for Reflection:

  • What do you think a church might look like that reaches your heart with truth?


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11 responses to “Real Church

  1. This is a great, thought-provoking question. In fact I have asked myself the same question and am praying and searching for such a church. I just created a blog about when attending your church vexes your spirit

    A church that reaches my heart is one that is opposite of the church that I have been a member of for many years and am planning on leaving. Perhaps it would be easier to start with what I know I don’t want a church to look like in order to reach my heart.

    I don’t want a church that focuses on money to the point that supposed men and women of God always tell people including widows and poor people that God said for them to give a certain amount of money, usually in denominations of $100 and then have them display their giving in “moneylines” correlating with their “offering”. Matthew 6:1 Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.

    I don’t want a church where the praise and worship leader uses praise and worship as a showcase for his or her secular performance for self induced entertainment.

    I don’t want a church where inappropriate language is used in the pulpit, such as punk and the N word.

    i don’t want a church where supposed men of God speak of private intimate acts performed in the bedroom between them and their spouse when they are supposed to be preaching the Word of God.

    I don’t want a church where supposed men of God sing songs with sexually suggestive lyrics preceding their message or during their message.

    With that being said, a church that reaches my heart with truth is one that worships God with a heart of reverent worship, in spirit and in truth, where God is the main attraction. The Word of God would be preached to change lives according to God’s will and not to change minds for the purpose of the speaker’s will. This church would demonstrate the love of God in all areas.

    • I can certainly sense and understand your frustration over the things you mentioned. If being where you are as an agent of change/influeunce is no longer part of God’s plan then it may be time to look for a new church home. Just be aware that carrying your current frustrations with you into that process may effect how objective you are in evaluating any churches you visit.

      Sort of like buying a different car to specifically get one that doesn’t have the problems your current car has. You might avoid those same issues but end up with new/different issues just as bothersome because you were overly focused on just a few items.

      Have you started a list of qualities – based on Scripture – that you are looking for in a church? Might help you focus on what matters most to God. That would also make for a good blog post.

      Thanks for stopping by and God bless on your journey with Him!

  2. Hi Rick. I know that every church has issues because the only perfect church will be found when we get to Heaven. However, the issues that occur in the church I attend are the norm for the denomination rather than the exception. Perhaps there is a church where the issues I’ve encountered are the exception rather than the norm. My frustration stems from egregious, spiritually immoral acts exhibited by men and women of God in leadership positions, or by those invited or allowed to minister to the church who commit such acts without admonition.

    If God plants me in another church, I will be careful not to carry any frustrations from my current church into the new one. I know the new church will have issues. I will dismiss some issues that may arise in the new church or are within the culture of the church as I have at my current church for over 20 years and in the denomination for almost 50 years. But, unless God says otherwise, I will not be a part of any church where supposed leaders of God’s people demonstrate ungodliness paralleled with many unsaved people in the world.

    I have made a list such as the one you mentioned. Yes, that would make for a good blog post.

    Thank you and God bless you.

    • My heart is saddened by the blatant ungodly conduct that you describe because I know it breaks God’s heart. And I am saddened for your loss after being in that church/denomination for such a big part of your journey with God. If you decide to write a blog about what you’re looking for in a healthy church let me know, I’d like to read it!

  3. Many arrogant churches will claim to have “the truth” but for me, it’s all about the fruit produced in my life as a result of attending, as Crabb implies (I think). If the worship, message, and community somehow combines to leave me feeling inspired and ready to serve God and others, I’m pretty sure it’s been a ‘truthful’ church. Fruit is hard to measure, but if your relationship with God is closer as a result of being part of a certain church, it’s a pretty good sign that He is at work there.

  4. Ken

    A Real Church points you Christ, shows you the love that can only be found
    in Christ and worships the true God that is revealed in the bible, through the
    revelation of Christ…If that is not there, run as fast as you can !!!
    Run to Christ, then find another church that is built on this cornerstone…

  5. The local church I am a part of now, to me, is one of the greatest examples of having a pastor who loves his sheep enough to preach the Truth, a worship leader who desires to draw people through music to the throne room of God, ministry to those in the community, discipleship of members…but I have to remember that the “church” is not a set of local believers, but each believer across the planet is the CHURCH. So what would the church look like? I think there would be an all consuming fire of the Holy Spirit that would sweep across the world as the word is preached, people are genuinely loved, souls are saved, and lives changed. I know that the church in the US needs a boldness that can only come from the Lord, to stand on Truth, proclaim it, and love despite sin.

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