Great insight from a friend and fellow blogger! Hope it touches your heart like it did mine!

It's a God thing...

We all have a story. It’s such an obvious statement, but I think we can forget that each person owns a series of yesterdays which influence their today.

This simple truth hit home when I did some volunteer work a while ago. For a month I handed out food and chatted with some of the homeless population of our city. During that time I realised how many assumptions I’d made about people who lived on the streets. And how easy it was to continue making them if I managed to avoid actually meeting them, hearing their story (and sharing mine).

There was the 43-year-old alcoholic who, as a child, was told continually by his father that he wouldn’t amount to anything. And the woman who, like me, once held down a stable job and a pretty balanced life until one day she was involved in a car accident with injuries…

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  1. Darla Randall

    The old, old story… of Jesus and His love!

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