Are we willing to be loved?

Lazarus AwakeningWhen my husband proposed to me so many years ago, I didn’t say, “Wait a minute, John.  Do you have any idea what you’re getting into?”  I didn’t pull out a list of reasons why he couldn’t possibly love me or a rap sheet detailing my inadequacies to prove why he shouldn’t—although there were and are many.

No way! I just threw my arms open wide and accepted his love.  I would have been a fool to turn down an offer like that.

I wonder what would happen in our lives if we stopped resisting God’s love and started receiving it.  What if we stopped trying to do the math, stopped striving to earn His favor? What if we just accepted the altogether-too-good-to-be-true news that the yardstick has been broken and the Cross has opened a door to intimacy with our Maker?

For if we are ever to be His beloved, we must be willing to be loved.
~ Excerpted from Lazarus Awakening by Joanna Weaver

It is one thing to understand the love of God and quite another to experience it first-hand in the very center of your being. And being embraced by the love of God is no small matter. In Ephesians 3 Paul offers an amazing, bold prayer. I especially appreciate how it is rendered by Eugene Peterson in The Message.

My response is to get down on my knees before the Father, this magnificent Father who parcels out all heaven and earth. I ask him to strengthen you by his Spirit—not a brute strength but a glorious inner strength—that Christ will live in you as you open the door and invite him in. And I ask him that with both feet planted firmly on love, you’ll be able to take in with all followers of Jesus the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! Live full lives, full in the fullness of God. ~ Ephesians 3:14-19

I don’t know what kinds of pressures or obstacles you’re facing but whether they are internal or external I believe God’s love is bigger. And when we invite the Christ to take up residence in the very core of our being then His love fills us in a way that nothing and no one else can.

May Paul’s prayer be a reality for all of us today!


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4 responses to “Are we willing to be loved?

  1. I needed this today – thanks Rick! Love the analogy given by Joanna about accepting love. I quite often write ‘shopping lists’ subconsciously, detailing how I’ve fallen short and why I don’t deserve God’s love. So thankful that Jesus makes the way back to the Father’s love and warm embrace.

  2. Darla Randall


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