Are you hearing me?

Great post Ali!

It's a God thing...

Do you feel heard? Listened to?
Psychiatrist Karl Menninger says this about the effect of someone giving us their ears and time:

“When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.”

Menninger describes a transformation that can take place when we are given the space to just talk. The open-hearted, calm presence of another person can be the most soothing and relief-giving experience on earth. Such listening can unlock and free us, allowing the creation of something – or someone – altogether new…
Like birds with their wings clipped, many of us are stunted by emotional neglect. Indifference on the part of our primary caregivers while we’re young can lead to desperate attention-seeking as adults, in subtle or not-so-subtle forms.
When I think of my closest friends, the quality I value most is their willingness to listen. To rest, pause, and take the time to ask…

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