Travels from Ur

Footsteps idly wandering
in circles
is a soul
without an anchor.
Seeking not
or knowing not,
but meandering
all the same.

ashipBut even anchors
break loose
and fail to hold.
Some drag on ocean floors
or snag on unseen perils.

To what buoy or mooring
does your soul cling?
Where does your heart
find a home
with warmth,
memory and belonging?

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  1. Thank you. I needed to be reminded that while I feel like I’m meandering, I have an Anchor for my soul. He knows exactly where I am, and exactly what’s happening around my life. He never leaves, never forsakes. He is HERE! Hallelujah.

    Great and uplifting message. Thanks for sharing.

    (Do you ever wonder, “now how did she get THAT from what I wrote?” :))

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