I want to be acclimatised

It's a God thing...

Even on a hot day, jumping into a cold swimming pool can prove a shock to the system. Likewise it takes time for our bodies to adjust to a hot bath. We must become acclimatised before we enjoy the water.
When it comes to accepting the love of God, it can be a similar process. We might know in our heads that He loves us, but it can take a while to relax into this truth. To accept it wholeheartedly. Realising just how deep His passion for us goes, and that He has such amazing plans for us within this loving relationship, changes everything.

Lord, take me deeper so that I understand your life-altering love even more. May it continue to transform my heart and my actions towards others. May I wake up each morning knowing that nothing I do will make you love me more, and nothing I do…

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  1. Thanks for the re-blog Rick 🙂

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