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Humorous church postcards!

Hey gang! We need your help picking a postcard to use for our church. We’ll put our vital info on the reverse side and our folks will share these with people they want to invite to church. Pick your top three and list them in the comment box for me. Thanks!

Blue Top Ten



Empty Toilet Roll


Long Faced Religion

Green Top Ten




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Hope springs anew!

WOW! What a furious 72 hours! But it all came to a conclusion… and a new beginning yesterday at 1:55 pm when Aaron Tyler Alvey was born to Sam and Valerie Alvey! And he’s a keeper!

I’m not one of those people who believes that all newborn babies are pretty and I’m probably a bit biased but he is unbelievably handsome; a real cutie! He is 3 pounds – 10 ounces and 17 inches long. Pretty big for a guy who is supposed to be 7 weeks early.

Mom’s blood pressure spiked early Monday morning which is why they made the decision to do a C-section but Valerie is doing fine and resting well. Sam was totally there for her and a rock, even holding the bucket for her when she got sick.

And the best part is that Aaron is breathing on his own! That’s huge for a preemie! He’ll no doubt spend weeks in the hospital but he’s got a good, strong start on life.

Throughout the day as I caught glimpses of Japan and the devastation there I couldn’t help but think of the cycle of life. Nothing can replace those lost in the tragedy but hope springs anew with each new baby. Nearly 350,000 world-wide each day!

Pray for Japan! Pray for Aaron’s growth! And thank God for those who are part of your life! Then – most importantly – tell them that you thanked God for them!

And a special shout-out to our H’town church family. You’re the best! Thank you! We love you guys!

So now comes the tough part! What form of “Grandpa” should I go by? I’ve been playing with a new plug-in for my blog that allows for polls so I thought I’d try it out and get your opinion. Cast your vote and let me know what you think!


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