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Travels from Ur

Footsteps idly wandering
in circles
is a soul
without an anchor.
Seeking not
or knowing not,
but meandering
all the same.

ashipBut even anchors
break loose
and fail to hold.
Some drag on ocean floors
or snag on unseen perils.

To what buoy or mooring
does your soul cling?
Where does your heart
find a home
with warmth,
memory and belonging?

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10 Powerful Quotes on Prayer by Oswald Chambers

Writing Sisters

1. Our true character comes out in the way we pray.

2. Prayer imparts the power to walk and not faint.

3. Prayer is the answer to every problem there is.

4. Never make the blunder of trying to forecast the way God is going to answer your prayer.

5. Prayer is the vital breath of the Christian; not the thing that makes him alive, but the evidence that he is alive.

6. Never say you will pray about a thing; pray about it.

7. God never give us discernment to criticize but to intercede.

8. When you are in the dark, listen, and God will give you a very precious message.

9. We have to pray with our eyes on God, not on the difficulties.

10. Prayer does not just fit us for the greater work. Prayer is the greater work.

Love these quotes on prayer.  Do you have…

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Are you hearing me?

Great post Ali!

It's a God thing...

Do you feel heard? Listened to?
Psychiatrist Karl Menninger says this about the effect of someone giving us their ears and time:

“When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand.”

Menninger describes a transformation that can take place when we are given the space to just talk. The open-hearted, calm presence of another person can be the most soothing and relief-giving experience on earth. Such listening can unlock and free us, allowing the creation of something – or someone – altogether new…
Like birds with their wings clipped, many of us are stunted by emotional neglect. Indifference on the part of our primary caregivers while we’re young can lead to desperate attention-seeking as adults, in subtle or not-so-subtle forms.
When I think of my closest friends, the quality I value most is their willingness to listen. To rest, pause, and take the time to ask…

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The origin of Mother’s Day (again)

iLife Journey

For those who didn’t catch this last year.

We all know that Mother’s Day is a national holiday to honor and celebrate mothers and motherhood. But do you know how it all got started? Here is some of what I dug up. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

The first attempts to establish a “Mother’s Day” in the U.S. were usually marked by women’s peace groups. A common early activity was the meeting of groups of mothers whose sons had fought or died on opposite sides of the American Civil War.

In 1868 Ann Jarvis created a committee to establish a “Mother’s Friendship Day” for the purpose of reuniting “families that had been divided during the Civil War.” Her desire was to create an annual memorial for mothers, but she died in 1905 before the celebration became popular.

There were a variety of regional events held in various states in the late 1800’s and…

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Skipping The Hard Stuff Jesus Said

Been feeling these sentiments lately as well! Thanks JS!

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

I pretty up Jesus to make him more convincing because I don’t think he’s enough on his own. 

I do this because I’m scared, I’m nervous what you’ll think about him — and I have this other idea of God that will go down smoother to answer all your doubts and concerns.

Doesn’t this make me a liar?  Or disingenuous?  Or a magician?  Or a bad movie trailer?

I end up saying, “Jesus is actually saying –” and then going into a detailed explanation of the Greek to gloss over the really hard things he said.

We don’t like to wince.  We cringe at the tough stuff that doesn’t mesh with our modern Western sensibilities. We are sure that Jesus meant something else.  So we dress him up, decorate his words, and exegete the edge off him.

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Brennan Manning and the #Ragamuffin Gospel

I hadn’t heard of Brennan’s passing until I read Chris’s blog post. Like Chris, Ragamuffin Gospel was one of the books that has most influenced my journey with God and opened the door to exploring His boundless love and grace. Thanks Chris! So long for now Brennan!

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Great insight from a friend and fellow blogger! Hope it touches your heart like it did mine!

It's a God thing...

We all have a story. It’s such an obvious statement, but I think we can forget that each person owns a series of yesterdays which influence their today.

This simple truth hit home when I did some volunteer work a while ago. For a month I handed out food and chatted with some of the homeless population of our city. During that time I realised how many assumptions I’d made about people who lived on the streets. And how easy it was to continue making them if I managed to avoid actually meeting them, hearing their story (and sharing mine).

There was the 43-year-old alcoholic who, as a child, was told continually by his father that he wouldn’t amount to anything. And the woman who, like me, once held down a stable job and a pretty balanced life until one day she was involved in a car accident with injuries…

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Check this out and give the song a listen. Very powerful!

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A Kingdom not of this World

If God is truly sovereign – and I believe He is – then the timing of Jesus’ arrival on earth was no accident.

But when the time arrived that was set by God the Father, God sent his Son, born among us of a woman…”~ Galatians 4:4 (The Message) 

So Jesus is sent to dwell among us at just the right time – according to God’s wisdom. But have you ever looked closely or considered what kind of world He came into. The people of Israel were living as exiles in their own land. They desperately wanted and expected that the promised Messiah would restore Israel to its former days of glory by kicking out the Romans.

But Jesus announced and ushered in the kingdom of God with little or no regard to the governing authority of that day. Does that make sense to you? It’s as if the kingdom of God is not dependant on any form of earthly government. Jesus himself said…

“My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.” ~ John 18:36

God’s kingdom was ushered in dependent not on a governing authority but by bringing new life to individuals desperate to participate in the dance of the Trinity. And when individuals experienced new life in a community of believers, the world was turned up-side-down.

God’s kingdom isn’t a matter of what you put in your stomach, for goodness’ sake. It’s what God does with your life as he sets it right, puts it together, and completes it with joy. Your task is to single-mindedly serve Christ. Do that and you’ll kill two birds with one stone: pleasing the God above you and proving your worth to the people around you. ~ Romans 14:17-18 (The Message)

As another election process here in America comes to a close, I am mindful that neither candidate was completely right or wrong. And whether or not our choice of candidate got into office; our real hope lies within the kingdom of God.

All other governments or systems will one day fail but those who have placed their hope and trust in Jesus will not be disappointed.

Thank you Lord Jesus for making available to us a new citizenship within the Kingdom that will last forever on into eternity.


© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.


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If I had hair left I’d be pulling it out!

Are you kidding me?!?!?!

I’ll spare you the details but it has been one of those weeks when the planned agenda not only isn’t flowing well but seems to have supernatural forces pushing in the opposite direction.

Yesterday evening I’m on my way home from picking up a pizza for Kyrsten’s golf banquet and trying to process the chaotic rhythm that has disrupted the last few days. The questions doing laps in my head were:

“Why in the world are all these things coming against me? Why can’t I get through an hour without some unexpected dilemma demanding my attention? Why can’t things go more according to my plan?”

Then as I was navigating the end-of-day traffic a different set of questions began to form in my mind. It went something like this:

“OK Lord. This week so far has gone nothing like I expected or planned. If You are sovereign – and I believe You are – what are You up to? What is going on? And how do I get in step with You?”

I’d love to tell you that the sky opened up with a message from God but that was not the case. I continued to wrestle with what God was up to but the shift in my questions changed my approach to life. I quit growling and actually enjoyed the evening with my family.

How easily we forget that life centers around God’s agenda and not ours. It’s His story, not our story.

May we learn to give ourselves continuously to be part of that story.


© Richard Alvey and iLife Journey, 2012. All rights reserved.



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