0257 Immanuel: God with Us – One More Look at the Nativity  12/27/2015  Have we seen it so often we’ve missed what really matters?

0256  Immanuel: God with Us – Worshiping  12/20/2015  Worship was the common response for those involved in the first Christmas event, but what motivated them to worship?

0255  Immanuel: God with Us – Wrestling  12/13/2015  How do we handle those times when life doesn’t turn out the way we expected and we find ourselves wrestling with God?

0254  Immanuel: God with Us – Wanting  12/6/2015  What is it you’re wanting this Christmas season?

0253  Immanuel: God with Us – Waiting  11/29/2015  Waiting on God is an essential part of experiencing the Advent Season.

0252  Discipleship – Sacred Rhythms  11/22/2015  Finding a rhythm that keeps us available to God.

0251  Discipleship – Share Like Jesus  11/15/2015  God never intended for us to journey alone!

0250  Discipleship – Seek Like Jesus  11/8/2015  What does it look like to seek God above all else and why does it matter?


0249  Discipleship – Engage Like Jesus  11/1/2015  Being a disciple of Jesus means engaging in God’s kingdom work daily!

0248  Discipleship – Love Like Jesus  10/25/2015  Believing like Jesus naturally leads to loving like Jesus but we’re going to need some help!

0247  Discipleship – Believe Like Jesus  10/18/2015  Becoming disciples who make disciples begins with believing like Jesus!

0246  Discipleship – BLESS  10/11/2015  An intentional process for being disciples who make disciples!

0245  Discipleship – Mission Accomplished  9/27/2015  Before going to the cross Jesus claims to have completed a task the Father gave Him to do. What was it?

0244  Discipleship – Great Expectations  9/20/2015  Like any parent God has great expectations for us. What are they?

0243  Discipleship – The Great Omission  9/13/2015  There is something missing in how we are doing life with God and it is a serious issue!

0242  Colossians – Live a Questionable Life  9/6/2015  Our new life in Christ should be so different from that of the world that people actually question us about it!

0241  Colossians – Devoted to Prayer  8/30/2015  Devotion to prayer is essential to our new life in Christ!

0240  Colossians – Whatever You Do  8/23/2015  Our new life in Christ should be reflected in everything we do!

0239  Colossians – Go Home  8/16/2015  Living out our new life in Christ needs to begin at home!

0238  Colossians – Get Dressed  8/9/2015  What is this new wardrobe that God makes available?

0237  Colossians – Put It to Death  8/2/2015  What exactly is it that we are we supposed to kill?

0236 Colossians – Things Above 7/26/2105 What exactly are those things that are above?

0235  Colossians – Raised Up  7/12/2015  What in the world does Paul mean by being raised up?

0234  Colossians – Overflowing in Thankfulness  7/5/2015  Is a life overflowing with thankfulness really possible?

0233  Colossians – Transformed Through Suffering  6/18/2015  Suffering can serve a divine purpose when we view it from God’s perspective.

0232  Colossians – Complete in Christ  6/21/2015  Everything we need to be complete or whole is found only in Christ Jesus!

0231  Colossians – Whole and Holy  6/14/2015  God intends for people to see Him reflected in our continually transforming lives.

0230  Colossians – An Introduction  6/7/2015  Why did Paul write this letter and what are the overarching themes?

0229  Who is this Jesus? – Fully Man – Pt. 3  5/24/2015  Jesus lived as one of us to show us that a whole new way of doing life was possible here and now.

0228  Who is this Jesus? – Fully Man – Pt. 2  5/17/2015  Jesus became one of us experiencing our broken world so that through His suffering He could make possible a hope for a perfect life beyond this world.

0227  Who is this Jesus? – Fully Man  5/10/2015  Jesus was uniquely qualified to bridge the gap that separated us from fellowship with God.

0226  Who is this Jesus? – A Man of Prayer  5/3/2015  If even Jesus depended on prayer then how much more should we be intentional about it?

0225  Who is this Jesus? – Fully God  4/26/2015  It is audacious to claim to be equal or one with God but if true it changes everything!

0224  Who is this Jesus? – The Bridge Builder  4/19/2015  Jesus makes possible the opportunity for us to enjoy restored fellowship with God!

0223  Who is this Jesus? – The Stronger Man  4/12/2015  Are there spiritual forces at work within our world today?

0222  Who is this Jesus? – The One Who Weeps  3/22/2015  What does Jesus weeping reveal about how we should view suffering in this world?

0221  Who is this Jesus? – I Am He  3/15/2015  Jesus’ statement clearly identified him with the God Moses encountered in the burning bush and it nearly incited a riot!

0220  Who is this Jesus? – Passionate about Prayer and Praise  3/8/2015  The passion Jesus displays in cleansing the Temple is startling but what does it reflect about what matters to God?

0219  Who is this Jesus? – The Light of the World  2/22/2015  Another seemingly simple statement by Jesus has a huge impact on how we do life today.

0218  Who is this Jesus? – The Bread of Life – Pt.2  2/15/2015  Jesus simple statement connected deeply with Jewish traditions and God’s provision.

0217  Who is this Jesus? – The Bread of Life  2/8/2015  What does bread reflect about the nature of our relationship with Jesus?

0216  Who is this Jesus? – The Son of Man  2/1/2015  What does this unique title tell us about why Jesus came to live among us?

0215  Who is this Jesus? – The One Who Baptizes in and with the Holy Spirit  1/25/2015  Making the Holy Spirit available was one of the most significant things Jesus came to do.

0214  Who is this Jesus? – The Lamb of God  1/18/2015  Do we know the real Jesus and why He came to live among us?

0213  The Rest of the Story  1/4/2015  Considering the Christmas Story from the perspective of John in the Book of Revelation.

0212  What if Jesus Hadn’t come? – Pt. 3  12/21/14  How has the way we view and express compassion been shaped by Jesus and His followers?

0211  What if Jesus Hadn’t Come? – Pt. 2  12/14/14  How do we share the journey of life differently because of Jesus and His followers?

0210  What if Jesus Hadn’t Come?  12/7/2014  What is unique about our culture because of the influence of Jesus and His followers?

0209  Ephesians: Walking in Victory  11/30/2014  Jesus won the victory but we are still under attack.

0208  Ephesians: Walking in Harmony  11/23/2014  The harmony of how we do life together can draw people toward God.

0207  Ephesians: Walking in Newness  11/16/2014  What if salvation is not so much about us getting into heaven as it is about getting heaven into us so that we can live life here and now in a whole new way?

0206  Ephesians: Walking in Unity  11/9/2014  What is real Biblical unity and how do we walk in it?

0205  Ephesians: Loved into Fullness  11/2/2014  How do we come to experience the measure of all the fullness of God spoken of by Paul?

0204  Ephesians: God’s Work of Art  10/12/2014  Each of us is a unique piece of art created by God to do good works and reflect His glory.

0203  Ephesians: What Matters Most  10/5/2014  In his prayer for the Ephesians Paul reveals what matters most in our journey with God.

0202  Ephesians: Every Conceivable Blessing  9/28/2014  We are rich beyond measure with spiritual blessings in Christ.

0201  All In  9/14/2014  Our experience of Jesus’ invitation to enjoy an easy yoke and rest for our soul depends on our going All In!

0200  The Lord’s Prayer: What Message Are We Sending?  9/7/2014  Jesus prayed for our unity because of the message it would send to the world but what message are we sending?

0199  The Lord’s Prayer: Why Jesus Did It  8/31/2014  What motivated Jesus and are we driven by that same motivation?

0198  The Lord’s Prayer: Cultivating Healthy Soil  8/24/2014  What can we do to participate with God in cultivating a healthy soul?

0197  The Lord’s Prayer: Soil Testing  8/17/2014  How Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seed speaks to the condition of our soul.

0196  The Lord’s Prayer: Passing the Baton  7/27/2014 Part of Jesus’ praying for us was a passing of the baton to carry on His kingdom work.

0195  The Lord’s Prayer: Someone’s Praying for You  7/20/2014 What is it that Jesus prays about when He prays for us?

0194  The Lord’s Prayer: Putting God First  7/13/2014 Why is putting God first so important to our journey of faith?

0193  Hope: Where Do We Hang It?  6/29/2014  Where we hang our hope is critical to our journey of faith.

0192  Hope: A Call to Persevere  6/22/2014  The importance of hope in our journey of faith.

0191  Prayer: Hope-Guided Prayer  6/8/2014  What do our prayers reveal about where we’re placing our greatest hope?

0190  Prayer: Wrestling with Unanswered Prayer  5/25/2014  Why do some prayers seem to go unanswered?

0189  Prayer: Doing Life with God  5/18/2014  The Model Prayer is about doing life with God.

0188  Prayer: God’s Favorite Name  5/11/2014  Prayer centers on relating to God as our Father.

0187  Prayer: Why Bother?  5/4/2014  Few things are more frustrating than prayer in our journey with God so why bother?

0186  Why Did Jesus Stick Around?  4/27/2014  Why did Jesus stick around for forty days after His resurrection?

0185  Luke: The Promise Keeper  4/20/2014  The resurrection of Jesus reveals God as the ultimate Promise Keeper.

0184  Luke: Days of Decisions  4/13/2014  Every encounter during Jesus’ last week presented an opportunity for a decision.

0183  Luke: Connecting with God  4/6/2014  God longs to connect with us and passionately pursues us but there are obstacles involved and even some conditions.

0182  Luke: Unavoidable Turmoil  3/30/2014  The kind of peace that Jesus offers is available only when we surrender to His will. Choosing not to surrender brings unavoidable turmoil.

0181  Luke: God is on the Move  3/23/2014  God is on a mission to reach lost people and bring them into His kingdom.

0180  Luke: Kingdoms in Conflict  3/16/2014  The conflict between God’s kingdom and this world is most obvious in why people are loved.

0179  Luke: Talk is Cheap  3/9/2014  Jesus backed up His claims with actions and we are challenged to do the same.

0178  Luke: That We Might Believe  3/2/2014  Why did Luke write his gospel account and what can we hope to get from it?

0177  Life with God – Follow Me  2/23/2014  What exactly did Jesus mean when He said “Follow Me”?

0176  Life with God – Filling the Gap  2/16/2014  Only Jesus can fill the gap that exists between us and God.

0175  Life with God – A Big Gap  2/9/2014  How big is the gap between God’s ways and our ways?

0174  Life with God – Real Life  1/26/2014  Real life in Jesus requires surrender and the model prayer guides us on that journey?

0173  Life with God – A Strange Way to UP  12/29/2013  A surprising lesson from the book of Psalms about our journey with God.

0172  Life with God – Wholehearted Devotion  12/22/2013  What we learn about wholehearted devotion from David.

0171  Life with God – Breaking Free  12/15/2013  The law of consequences and breaking free from the rut of sin.

0170  Life with God – Everyday Courage  12/8/2013  What we learn about courage from Joshua and the Israelites.

0169  Life with God – Worship Builds Trust  12/1/2013  God gives directives about worship because it leads to trust.

0168  Life with God – Lessons in the Desert  11/24/2013  What we learn about doing life with God from Israel’s 40-year trek in the desert.

0167  Life with God – God’s Cross-Handed Blessing  11/17/2013  In Genesis, and Joseph’s life in particular, we see how God blesses the unlikeliest of people.

0166  Life with God – Wrestling with God  11/10/2013  What does Jacob’s night of wrestling teach us about doing life with God?

0165  Life with God – A Divine Go  11/3/2013  What began with Abram was continued through Jesus as God directs us to go serve others for His kingdom purposes.

0164  Life with God – A Lie and a Sword  10/27/2013  How we choose to respond to the issue of sin will critically affect our journey with God.

0163  Life with God – A Garden and a Tree – Pt 2  10/20/2013  What the creation account reveals about doing life with God.

0162  Life with God – A Garden and a Tree – Pt 1  10/13/2013  A fresh look at Genesis 1 and doing life with God.

0161  Life with God – Guideposts 9/27/2013  What are the guideposts that help us stay on course in doing life with God?

0160  Life with God – A Divine Invitation  9/22/2013  The overarching message of the entire Bible is an invitation to do life with God.

0158  Life with God – Back to Being the Church  9/15/2013  What are God’s intended purposes for the church?

0157  Journey with Mark – The Beginning  9/8/2013  The end of Jesus’ earthly life is really a whole new beginning.

0156  Journey with Mark – The End  8/25/2013  Jesus teaches us, by example, about the role of suffering in God’s grand scheme.

0155  Journey with Mark – The Sword  8/18/2013  Jesus uses an incident with a sword to teach about the kingdom of God.

0154  Journey with Mark – The Cup  8/11/2013  Why does Jesus ask for “this cup” to be taken from Him?

0153  Journey with Mark – The Feast  8/4/2013  Jesus celebrates the Passover Meal but in some new and surprising ways.

0152  Journey with Mark – The Temple  7/21/2013  Jesus teaches, in rather dramatic fashion, that access to God is available to everyone.

0151  Journey with Mark – The Ransom  7/14/2013  Jesus’ very life was the only ransom that could settle our sin-debt with God.

0150  Journey with Mark – The Trap  6/30/2013  The danger of loving anything or anyone more than we love God.

0149  Journey with Mark – The Mountain  6/23/2013  In Jesus’ mountain top experience we get a glimpse of true worship.

0148  Journey with Mark – The Turn  6/9/2013  Mark’s account turns from Jesus’ identity to His mission of dying on the cross as our ransom.

0147  Journey with Mark – The Approach  6/2/2013  Jesus is approachable to those who come clothed in humility.

0146  Journey with Mark – The Stain  5/19/2013  Everyone is stained with a fallen, sinful nature; but God provides the cleansing.

0145  Journey with Mark – The Waiting  5/12/2013  God’s timetable is different from ours for some important reasons.

0144  Journey with Mark – The Power  5/5/2013  God is powerful beyond our ability to comprehend or control.

0143  Journey with Mark – The Rest  4/28/2013  Only in Jesus do we find the kind of real rest for which our soul longs.

0142  Journey with Mark – The Healing  4/21/2013  The deeper, spiritual healing that we all need but don’t always pursue.

0141  Journey with Mark – The Call  4/14/2013  What’s involved in the call to follow Jesus as a disciple or apprentice?

0141  Journey with Mark – The Dance  4/7/2013  An introduction to exploring Mark’s Gospel account and the invitation to dance with God.

0140  Journey from Darkness to Light – The Bible  3/31/2013  Living in the light of God’s purpose and peace.

0139  Journey from Religion to Relationship – The Bible  3/24/2013  God’s not looking for people who can maintain a system but for those who want a relationship.

0138  Journey from Victims to Victors – The Bible  3/17/2013  Victim or victor; like Daniel and friends it depends on where we place our trust.

0137  Journey from Slavery to Freedom – The Bible  3/10/2013  No longer slaves but not yet free; their struggle is our struggle.

0136  Journey from Death to Life – The Bible  3/3/2013  Isaac’s experience foretold our own journey from death to life.

0135  A Bold Presence  2/24/2013  God intends to work in us and through us to influence the world.

0134  A Bold Prayer  2/17/2013  Prayer is our lifeline and Paul offers a bold one.

0133  A Bold Process – Pt 3  2/10/2013  How did the early church participate with God?

0132  A Bold Process – Pt 2  2/3/2013  Our participation in God’s plan is fueled by transformation
which begins with surrender.

0131  A Bold Process  1/27/2013  Announcing the good news of Jesus involves our everyday lives and our transformation.

0130  A Bold Plan – Pt 2  1/20/2013  God’s plan not only involves us but is dependent on each of us doing our part.

0129  A Bold Plan  1/13/2013  God has a plan to rescue a lost humanity and we are a part of that plan.

0128  A Bold Promise  1/6/2013  A promise given through Zephaniah, affirmed by Jesus and fulfilled by the Holy Spirit is one we can hold onto as we begin a
new year.

0127  Prince of Peace – Isaiah 9:6  12/30/2012  If Jesus is the Prince of peace, why don’t we experience more peace in this life?

0126  Everlasting Father – Isaiah 9:6  12/23/2012  Why does Isaiah refer to the Son of God as the Everlasting Father?

0125  Mighty God – Isaiah 9:6  12/16/2012  What does it mean to experience Jesus as our Mighty God?

0124  Wonderful Counselor – Isaiah 9:6  12/9/2012  God doesn’t answer our every question, but He answers the most important ones?

0123  Thankful Always  12/2/2012  Is it possible to be thankful always, even in tough times?

0122  Cultivate Thankfulness – Pt 2  11/25/2012  Considering the bigger context out of which thankfulness flows.

0121  Cultivate Thankfulness  11/18/2012  Exploring how we can cultivate thankfulness.

0120  Joining the Trinity – The Glory of God  11/11/2012  To journey with God is to join the Father, Son and Spirit in what they are already and always doing.

0119  To Love Like God – The Glory of God  11/4/2012  To love like God is our highest purpose in life and reflects the nature of God as the Trinity.

0118  Wrestling with the Trinity – The Glory of God  10/28/2012  Relating to God properly depends on understanding Him as the Trinity – or a three-person God.

0117  Embraced by the Spirit – The Glory of God  10/21/2012  Walking in the Spirit as Paul describes it in Romans 8.

0116  Dancing with the Trinity – The Glory of God  10/14/2012  An invitation to enter the dance.

0115  Falling Short – The Glory of God  10/7/2012  What is the glory of God? Why do we fall short of it and how do we reflect it?

0114  Playing Our Part in God’s Story – The Story  9/25/2012  A wrap up of the series and a challenge.

0113  A Peek Behind the Curtain – The Story  9/16/2012  The book of Revelation at its core is a message of hope.

0112  Finishing Well – The Story  9/9/2012  The Apostle Paul’s example of finishing life well.

0111  To Be Continued – The Story  9/2/2012  The birth to the Church on the day of Pentecost put in motion a people on mission for God that continues today.

0110  New Beginnings – The Story  8/26/2012  The arrival of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost turned their world upside down.

0109  The Resurrection – The Story  8/19/2012  Why is the resurrection of Jesus so essential to the Christian faith?

0108  The Darkest Hour – The Story  8/12/2012  Hope appears lost when Jesus is arrested and crucified. Why did this have to happen?

0107  Who is this guy? – The Story  8/5/2012  Jesus claimed to be the Son of God. Was he a liar, a lunatic or is He the Lord of life?

0106  No Ordinary Man – The Story  7/28/2012  No one did the things that Jesus did and yet He got mixed responses from people. How will we respond?

0105  A New Kingdom – The Story  7/21/2012  Jesus teaches about and demonstrates a completely different way to do life in the kingdom of God that He has come to establish.

0104  A New Chapter – The Story  7/14/2012  Jesus comes to earth and a new chapter of God’s involvement with humanity begins.

0103  Final Preparations – The Story  7/1/2012  Final details are completed and we hear from the last Old Testament prophet as God prepares to send Jesus to earth.

0102  A Role of the Dice – The Story  6/24/2012  An unlikely queen chooses courage over comfort to be part of God’s plans.

0101  The Long Journey Home – The Story  6/17/2012  God moves the heart of a pagan king to send Jews home to rebuild the Temple.

0100  A Reflection of His Glory – The Story  6/10/2012  Daniel and his friends reflect God’s glory even while living as aliens in a foreign land.

0099  The Kingdom Falls – The Story  6/3/2012  Judgment comes to Judah as God’s people are led away into exile.

0098  The Beginning of the End – The Story  5/20/2012  God’s judgment against Judah is foretold but a seed of hope is planted.

0097  God’s Messengers (to the Northern Kingdom) – The Story  5/13/2012  Israel is judged because God’s prophets are ignored, but do we listen any better?

0096  A Kingdom Divided – The Story  5/6/2012  The Hebrew nation is in conflict and divides but God does not give up on them.

0095  A Wise King’s Folly – The Story  4/22/2012  Solomon’s reign as king of Israel was unique in many ways.

0094  A King-Sized Mistake – The Story  4/15/2012  David’s struggle with sin and genuine repentance.

0093  From Shepherd to King – The Story  4/1/2012  Exploring how David went from shepherd boy to Israel’s second king.

0091  Faithful in Every Circumstance – The Story  3/18/2012  Exploring the loyalty of Ruth and the compassion of Boaz (25 min)

0090  A Few Good Men and Women – The Story  3/11/2012  God uses judges to call the people back to faithfulness. (32 min)

0089  The Battle Begins – The Story  3/4/2012  A new generation follows Joshua into battle for the Promised Land. (31 min)

0088  Are we there yet? – The Story  2/26/2012  Israel spends 40 years wandering in the desert because they didn’t want to trust God. (30 min)

0087  A DTR Moment with God – The Story  2/19/2012  In every serious relationship there comes a time to Define the Relationship. (32 min)

0086  Deliverance – The Story  2/12/2012  God rescues His new nation from captivity in Egypt. (27 min)

0085  Divine Detours – The Story  2/5/2012  Life lessons from the story of Joseph. (32 min)

0084  God Forms a Nation – The Story  1/29/2012  God advances His plan by forming a nation with the most unlikely of people. (30 min)

0083  And So It Begins – The Story  1/22/2012  Exploring what we learn about God and mankind from the creation story. (31 min)

0082  An Invitation to Do Life with People  1/15/2012  Learning to see and value people as God does. (31 min)

0081  An Invitation to Do Life with God  1/8/2012  Learning to live with God at the center of every aspect of life. (36 min)

0080  An Invitation to Life  1/1/2012  Accepting Jesus’ invitation to be His apprentice and experience real life. (28 min)

0079  Red: The Color of Christmas 12/25/2011 Red is the dominant color of Christmas for a very good reason. (14 min)

0078  O Come, O Come Emmanuel – A Song for Christmas 12/18/2011 Jesus came to “be with us” but are we making room to be with Him? (28 min)

0077  Silent Night – A Song for Christmas 12/11/2011 Learning about real peace from a young Jewish girl named Mary. (30 min)

0076  The Magnificat – A Song for Christmas 12/4/2011 A young Jewish girl wrote the greatest Christmas song of all time. (30 min)

0075  I’ll Be Home for Christmas – A Song for Christmas 11/27/2011 What makes home so special and why do we all long for it? (18 min)

0074  I Still Love You – Finding Hope in God’s Unending Faithfulness 11/20/2011 Planting seeds of hope in the midst of hard consequences. (26 min)

0073  What Will I Do With You? – God’s Holy Justice – Hosea 11/13/2011 God brings charges against the Israelites for their unfaithfulness. (29 min)

0072  You Married a What? – God’s Extravagant Love – Hosea 11/6/2011 God uses the prophet Hosea to demonstrate real love. (20 min)

0071  How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell? – The Reason for God 10/30/2011 Exploring what hell is like and how people end up there. (32 min)

0070  Why is the Church Responsible for So Much Injustice? – The Reason for God 10/23/2011 This is a legitimate question and how we respond to it is critical. (35 min)

0069  Why Does God Allow Suffering? – The Reason for God 10/16/2011 Grappling with the head and heart issues of this BIG question. A bit longer because of a song. (40 min)

0068  Isn’t Christianity Just a Straitjacket? – The Reason for God 10/9/2011 How we view God’s boundaries depends on a couple of key issues. (25 min)

0067  Only One Way to Heaven? – The Reason for God 10/2/2011 Is it reasonable or is it arrogant for anyone to claim there is only one way to heaven? (25 min)

0066  Can the Bible be Trusted? Pt 2 – The Reason for God 9/25/2011 Exploring four more reservations people have about trusting the Bible. (28 min)

0065  Can the Bible be Trusted? – Pt 1 – The Reason for God 9/18/2011 This book, the Bible, serves as our guide on the journey of faith but is it reliable and relevant? (28 min) [Sorry for the poor sound quality. We
had an unknown issue. Headphones may help.]

0064  I AM NOT but I Know I AM 8/28/2011 Knowing God as I AM means knowing ourselves as I AM NOT which brings great freedom and rest. (19 min)

0063  I AM the Resurrection and the Life – Pt 3 8/21/2011 Trusting God’s view of us is the foundation to embracing the resurrection life He intends for us. (31 min)

0062  I AM the Resurrection and the Life – Pt 2 8/14/2011 Exploring the primary barrier that keeps us from experiencing new life in Christ. (30 min)

0061  I AM the Resurrection and the Life 8/7/2011 Jesus demonstrates that He has power over death and invites us to share in that life changing experience. (27 min)

0060  I AM the Good Shepherd 7/31/2011 What we experience when we surrender to Jesus as our Good Shepherd. (22 min)

0059  I AM the Door 7/24/2011 What did Jesus mean by claiming to be the door of the sheepfold? (27 min)

0058  I AM the Light of the World 7/17/2011 How does following Jesus as the Light of Life influence the way we do life? (23 min)

0057  I AM the Bread of Life 7/3/2011 Exploring what Jesus meant when He declared Himself to be the bread of life (28 min)

0056  I AM 6/26/2011 Exploring what we learn about God through the revealing of His name to Moses as I AM (25 min)

0055  The Father, The Vinedresser – Abide in Him – Part 5 6/19/2011 Exploring how God the Father works to prune our lives in order to bear more fruit. (29 min)

0054  Anchoring Deep 6/12/2011 Anchoring deep in the love of God is what sustains us through the storms of life. (22 min)

0053  More Fruit of the Spirit – Abide in Him – Part 4 6/5/2011 Exploring some of the external fruit of the Spirit that should accompany the internal fruit. (28 min)

0052  Bearing the Fruit of the Spirit – Abide in Him – Part 3 5/29/2011 What does it really look like to bear the fruit of the Spirit? (28 min)

0051  Walking in the Spirit – Abide in Him – Part 2 5/22/2011 What’s involved in walking in the Spirit? (26 min)

0050  Waiting on the Spirit – Abide in Him – Part 1 5/15/2011 Praise and prayer make waiting for the Holy Spirit purposeful for the disciples. (30 min)

0049  Turning Them Loose – That You May Believe – Part 8 5/8/2011 Jesus turns the disciples loose to carry on the kingdom agenda. (23 min)

0048  Take Heart – That You May Believe – Part 7 5/1/2011 Jesus encourages doubtful and scared disciples. (21 min)

0047  Turning the Tables on Death – That You May Believe – Part 6 4/24/2011 Easter Sunday and the new life that Jesus’ resurrection makes possible. (25 min)

0046  Six Hours One Friday – Easter Sunrise 4/24/2011 Three realities that are possible only because of Jesus’ resurrection. (14 min)

0045  Triumphal Entry – That You May Believe – Part 5 4/17/2011 False expectations abound as Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. (25 min)

0044  Trouble with Traditions – That You May Believe – Part 4 4/10/2011 Conflict arises when Jesus heals a man lame for 38 years. (28 min)

0043  Turning Over Tables – That You May Believe – Part 3 4/3/2011 Exploring why Jesus got outraged and cleansed the temple. (30 min)

0042  Turning Water into Wine – That You May Believe – Part 2 3/27/2011 Exploring why Jesus chose a wedding to perform His first miracle. (26 min)

0041  An Introduction – That You May Believe – Part 1 3/20/2011 An intro to John and the purpose of his gospel account. (28 min)

0040  The Feast of the Father – The Prodigal God – Part 6 3/6/2011 The celebration that God is preparing for us! (20 min)

0039  The True Elder Brother – The Prodigal God – Part 5 2/27/2011 The missing element of the third parable is fulfilled by Jesus. (23 min)

0038  The Elder Brother – The Prodigal God – Part 4 2/20/2011 Looking more closely at the elder brother and how he was as lost as the younger brother. (33 min)

0037  Two Lost Sons – The Prodigal God – Part 3 2/13/2011 We often miss Jesus’ point that both sons in this parable are lost. (25 min)

0036  A Loving Father – The Prodigal God – Part 2 2/6/2011 Glimpses of a loving heavenly Father within the parables of Luke 15. (27 min)

0035  Knowing God – The Prodigal God – Part 1 1/30/2011 An introduction to exploring the parables of Luke 15. (21 min)

0034  Inseparable – Part 2 1/23/2011 Finishing up a look at God’s desire for intimacy with us that is inseparable! (21 min)

0033  Inseparable – Part 1 1/16/2011 God created us for a relationship with Himself that would be inseparable! (30 min)

0032  His Name is Prince of Peace – Christmas 2010 – Week 5 1/9/2011 Exploring the peace that Jesus makes available. (22 min)

0031  His Name is Mighty God – Christmas 2010 – Week 3 12/12/2010 Exploring what God’s power in us can accomplish. (32 min)

0030  His Name is Counselor – Christmas 2010 – Week 2 12/5/2010 Knowing Jesus as our Counselor. (33 min)

0029  His Name is Wonderful – Christmas 2010 – Week 1 11/28/2010 Exploring Isaiah 9:6 and the names of Jesus. (30 min)

0028  Give Thanks 11/21/2010 Exploring what’s involved in being grateful. (30 min)

0027  Grateful for Freedom – I.N.D.O.P. 11/14/2010 Participating in the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (22 min)

0026  The One Healthy Fear – Fearless – Pt 9 11/7/2010 When we fear the LORD we don’t have to fear anything else! (20 min)

0025  Stewardship: A Strategic Lifestyle – Fearless – Pt 8 10/31/2010 Exploring Biblical principles of using our resources to further God’s kingdom. (34 min)

0024  Facing Financial Concerns – Fearless – Pt 7 10/24/2010 Exploring the reasons Jesus gave for not worrying about finances. (27 min)

0023  Facing Overwhelming Circumstances – Fearless – Pt 6 10/17/2010 How can we respond with hope in the face of trials and hardships? (32 min)

0022  Assurance of Salvation – Fearless – Pt 5 10/10/2010 Can we be sure of our salvation and the promise of eternity with God? (29 min)

0021  Facing Death – Fearless – Pt 4 10/3/2010 Exploring how Jesus gives us a whole new perspective on death and the afterlife. (19 min)

0020  Disappointing God – Fearless – Pt 3 9/26/2010 What does God expect of us and how does He respond when we disappoint Him? (33 min)

0019  Is God Real? – Fearless – Pt 2 9/19/2010 Can faith and doubt co-exist? Is there evidence that points to the existence of God? (28 min)

0018  In the Boat with Jesus – Fearless – Pt 1 9/12/2010 Exploring the issue of fear and what we can learn from a stormy boat ride. (27 min)

0017  Our Guide for the Journey: The Holy Spirit – Pt 2 9/5/2010 Exploring what encourages or hinders our being led by the Spirit. (28 min)

0016  Our Guide for the Journey: The Holy Spirit – Pt 1 8/29/2010 Exploring the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a disciple. (31 min)

0015  Grace that Builds Us Up – Grace for Our Journey: Pt 4 8/22/2010 Grace builds the church up in love and describes the very throne of God. (24 min)

0014  Grace that Transforms 2 – Grace for Our Journey: Pt 3 8/15/2010 Exploring how grace strengthens us to stand firm on what we believe and teaches us to live life as God intended. (26 min)

0013  Grace that Transforms – Grace for Our Journey: Pt 2 7/25/2010 Exploring a definition of grace and how to grow in grace. (30 min)

0012  Grace as a Lifestyle – Grace for Our Journey: Pt 1 7/18/2010 Catching a glimpse of grace as a whole new way of life. (27 min)

0010  Talking with Our Father: The Model Prayer – Part 2 6/27/2010 Unpacking the 5 elements of the Model Prayer in Matthew 6. (35 min)

0009  Talking with Our Father: The Model Prayer 6/20/2010 Exploring the background of the Model Prayer in Matthew 6. (22 min)

0008  Our Guidebook – The Bible 6/13/2010 Is it reliable? Is it relevant? (33 min)

0007  God’s Kingdom Agenda: Part 2 – Becoming 6/6/2010 Exploring what it is that God intends to accomplish in us. (38 min)

0006  God’s Kingdom Agenda: Part 1 – Doing 5/30/2010 Exploring what it is that God intends to accomplish through us. (33 min)

0005  The Purpose of Our Journey 5/23/2010 Exploring why we are here. (23 min)

0004  The Motivation for Our Journey 5/9/2010 Considering what it is that compels us to journey with God. (37 min)

0003  The Author of Our Story – Part 2 5/2/2010 The grace, truth and love of God reflected in Communion. (22 min)

0002  The Author of Our Story 4/25/2010 What we can learn about God from those who have journeyed with Him. (32 min)

0001  God’s Epic Story 4/18/2010 Looking at life as God’s epic story. (35 min)

James 5:13-18 8/23/2009 Observations about prayer and the value of confessing our sins. (22 min)

It’s Not About Us 9/9/2007 Jesus did not support any earthly agenda but rather came to usher in God’s kingdom agenda. (20 min)


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  1. Nate Logston

    This is terrific Rick!
    Thanks so much for getting this working.

  2. Steve Wieseke

    It’s good to here your sermons again.

    Connecting with people is certainly your gift.

  3. Stacy Herr

    Hi Pastor Rick –
    This is great since I miss quite a few of your messages while I am getting the Wee Worship up and going. I love it!Stacy

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  5. A man with a passion….I’m pretty new to wordpress and wasnt sure how you could podcast using the I have to look into this. Anyway thanks for sharing..

    • Hey Paul! Not sure how actual podcasting works with wordpress but the support guys are usually very helpful. I post my sermons by using an mp3 digital recorder to record them and then post them using the media options but this does require the purchase of extra space. I enjoyed browsing your blog and look forward to reader more from you. Thanks for stopping by and for joining the journey!

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