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It’s not my fault!

Last week I came across a blog written by a late twenty-something male from another country (not the USA). One of his statements caught my attention like the last chocolate chip cookie on a plate of crumbs.

It seemed very obviously flawed, but perhaps I was missing something. To be safe I ran it past my wife Susan – she saw it too.

Later, at the dinner table, I tossed it out to get a response from my kids. We’re talking twin 17-year-old girls and two guys; 15 years old and almost 12 years old. Yep! They saw it too! Here it is…

“I believe in destiny. If I fail, it’s because of destiny only. If I succeed, it’s because of my own efforts only.”

Go ahead, read it again. Notice anything peculiar?

Destiny, however that might be defined, is to blame for failure but success is due to personal effort alone! I.e. – I’m not to blame if it goes wrong, but I get the credit if it goes right! No responsibility, no blame, no guilt… no problem!


Certainly there are events and circumstances in life beyond our control, but to use something or someone else as the excuse for our failings is sad on many, many levels. But it’s not new!

When confronted with his sin Adam pointed to Eve and told God, “That woman you gave me…” Eve followed suit and said, “The serpent deceived me…”

Many years ago a newspaper in England ran a question for the public to consider – “What is wrong with the world?”

G.K. Chesterton, a well-known Christian, replied with a letter to the editor that read, “I am.”

Until we admit our sin and brokenness, God’s grace will be powerless to transform us. And if we don’t change, how can the world change?

May God’s grace empower us to own our own shortcomings!




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What takes His breath away?

Do you have a favorite setting or scene in nature that stops you in your tracks and takes your breath away?

  • A bright, sunny day with no clouds in the sky…
  • A sandy beach with waves crashing onto the shore…
  • A forest full of lush, green trees…
  • A humming-bird paused in mid-air…
  • A field full of blooming flowers…
  • A deer drinking from a cool, country stream…
  • A majestic mountain range that seems to roll on forever…

For me, it’s the sun setting over a beach.

The picture above was taken a few years back when our family got the chance to tent camp on the beach of Lake Michigan. There is nothing in the world like going to sleep and waking up to the sound of waves hitting the shore.

Do you know what it is that stops God in His tracks and takes His breath away?

You and me!

Revisit the creation story. Every time God brought something new into the picture He declared it to be “good.” But when He brought Adam and Eve into the picture, God declared it to be “very good.”

Regardless of what might be going on in your life or how you feel about yourself – God is looking at you with a sense of awe and wonder!


The Story page (see above tag) has been updated with a summary of Week 1 and the sermon from last Sunday has been added to the Sermons/Audio page (see above tag).


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