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Mysterious messages from a parallel universe?

After our Christmas Eve service at church this last year our kids headed home in one car while my wife and I got a bite to eat in town before stopping by to visit a family.

As I was walking between our car and the restaraunt I received a phone text that read, “Quit holding up the line!”

Glancing around the desolate parking lot I wondered what parallel universe this message had come from. After showing it to Susan I called the gal who sent it to find out what tidbit of information I was missing that would make sense of it all.

As I was on the phone with her – explaining that I really wasn’t right in front of her at that very minute – it dawned on Susan that our friend was probably behind our kids who were in our car.

Mystery solved!

Turns out this all happened at Burger King so Susan texted one of our girls… “Burger King huh?”

We couldn’t have asked for a better setup.

“What? How did you know? Where were you?”

We had a good laugh with that one!

It’s like that with God you know. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re doing God is always with us. That’s not such great news if you like to do life on your own or engage in private activities (except to God) that you wouldn’t want your mother to know about.

But on the other hand, how cool is it that God really is with us everywhere! Isn’t it amazing that He delights in us that much! After giving His followers some final instructions about making disciples, Jesus said:

“And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” ~ Matthew 28:20 (NLT)

There are plenty of times in this world when we feel absolutely alone… but we’re not! Our loving, heavenly Father is always with us!

One of my favorite worship songs is “Everywhere I Go” by Lincoln Brewster. Whether you enjoy the video or not I’m sure you’ll appreciate the lyrics to the chorus.

Everywhere I go Your love surrounds me
Everywhere I turn Your grace reminds me
Nothin’ in the world can separate us now
Every step I take You’re there to guide me
Every day I wake Your mercy finds me
Nothin’ in the world could ever take this love away



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Life will never be the same!

Christmas Eve signals the end of Advent, the season of waiting. With the end of Advent comes the beginning of the feast of the Nativity—the celebration of God with us!

We pass from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day celebrating the Incarnation—God with us in the flesh!—a celebration that will continue for as long as we choose to live each day in His presence.

At Christmas we celebrate one of the great mysteries of our faith, the mystery of humanity and divinity becoming one. The early church emphasized that the Incarnation should not be seen as condescension, as the “descent” of God to man, but as the lifting up of humanity into the divine life.

“The Incarnation makes it possible for the redeemed life to be lived out in this flesh, on this ordinary earth. The Nativity ennobles the lowliest aspects of everyday life: God chose to be born in a stable, with animals and shepherds as his first visitors. In this lies the power of the Incarnation; the humblest things are most exalted.”

For the rest of the world, the Christmas season is over at the end of Christmas Day and there is nothing left to do but dig out, clean up, and make our post-season exchanges and returns.

But for those of us who are following hard after Jesus, the celebration is just beginning. God with us! In the flesh! This one incredible truth makes every ordinary aspect of our human existence ripe with the possibility of God’s divine presence! When we learn to live in this new reality…

… life will never be the same!


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