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Are we expecting Jesus to make a difference in our life?

A couple of weeks ago a friend blogged about the event in Luke 8 where a woman in the crowd touched the hem of Jesus’ garment while He was passing by and was immediately healed. It’s an excellent blog post and you can read it here.

As I reflected on what Ali had written about that incident and how it impacted her own journey with God, it got me thinking about another aspect of that same story.

Jesus knew that He had been touched and stopped to ask who had done it. When no one spoke up, Peter said “Master, the people are crowding and pressing against you.” ~ Luke 8:45

In other words, “Come on Jesus, this sort of thing happens in a crowd. What’s the big deal?”

And Peter was right. Think about it. It’s impossible to move through a crowd and not bump into or brush against those around you. There were likely multiple people making contact with Jesus as He moved through the crowd.

So why did this one woman experience healing?

Look at how Jesus responds to her, “Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” ~ Luke 8:48

This woman had faith. She believed that touching Jesus’ garment would make a difference in her life. She was expecting something to happen as a result of reaching out to encounter Jesus.

And notice where this takes place. It’s in the midst of a crowd walking by. It was an ordinary moment that was part of an ordinary day.

  • No special location…
  • No special occasion…
  • No special music…
  • No special wardrobe…
  • No special surroundings…
  • No special ANYTHING!

What made this ordinary moment somehow extraordinary was the divine presence of Jesus and the expectation of one woman who believed that He could make a difference in her life.

Today is just today. But it is ripe with the presence of Jesus everywhere if we will choose to recognize Him.

Are we drawing close to Jesus? Are we expecting Him to make a difference in our life?
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Why a woman?

Luke 15 is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. The socially outcast are gathering around Jesus. The religious leaders are grumbling. And Jesus launches into three parables.

The second parable is about a woman who misplaced a coin and turns the house upside down looking everywhere until she finally finds it. Then she gathers her friends and they celebrate. But it begs a certain question.

Why a woman?

Answer: Because men don’t move anything to find something that is lost!

Come on! You know it’s true! We just don’t have it in our DNA.

The other night I was looking for an exercise DVD that I haven’t used in a while. I know… it’s obvious!

There are three basic places it could have been. I checked one spot – no luck. I checked another spot – nope. I checked the third spot – nada. So I rechecked the first place – still not there. I rechecked the second spot – no luck. Frustrated, I gave up and went on to something else.

Then Susan took a crack at it and within 20 seconds she finds it. It was in the first place I looked – and I looked there TWICE! Go figure!

We usually don’t look all that long for something that is lost. Generally, we give up. We figure that it will show up sooner or later. But every once in a while we misplace something so valuable that we don’t quit.

When was the last time you lost something so important, so vital that you didn’t quit looking until you found it and what was it?

For God, it’s one more lost soul!


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Grumbling again


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It was a familiar pattern. Jesus shows up. Peoples lives are touched in miraculous ways. The religious leaders grumble and complain. Unbelievable!

There were a variety of occasions for their complaining and just as many reasons. Perhaps it was because Jesus was taking the spotlight away from them. Maybe it was because their status quo was all of a sudden challenged by this unknown upstart from Nazareth.

One thing is certain. He just wasn’t doing things… the way they’d always been done! One of my favorite episodes occurs in Luke 15 where we read this account:

Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.” ~ Luke 15:1-2

They were bothered because people who had previously wanted nothing to do with God were gathering around Jesus! The religious leaders likely would not have gotten within 10 feet of such filthy people. But they felt drawn to this unorthodox young teacher.

The particular Greek wording used here indicates that this kind of thing happened all the time; it was ongoing. The sinners, the morally bankrupt, wanted nothing to do with the Pharisees and teachers of the law but were continually flocking to Jesus.

Where are the sinners and morally bankrupt flocking today?

Where do they feel drawn?

Why isn’t it to us or the church?

Just wondering!


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