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Making $320,000 look like chump change!

There was an article a while back delving into the true value of a good kindergarten teacher. Anyone have fond memories of kindergarten or the impact your teacher had on you?

This article described that the average kindergarten teacher makes about $30,000 a year. Research, however, has estimated that when you take into account the additional money earned by adults who had a good kindergarten teacher, those teachers are actually worth about $320,000 a year!

That’s no typo! Good kindergarten teachers are making 10x the impact their salary indicates. This does not mean that if you happen to be underpaid in your current occupation you can blame it on your teacher. But it does demonstrate that what we earn can’t define our worth. Salaries, big or small, do not necessarily correspond to our real value.

There are many occupations today in which people pour themselves out for the good of others or the Kingdom of God but don’t get heavily or adequately compensated. You need to understand that you are of more value than the number on a paycheck. What you’re doing and the impact you’re making is significant, even if your salary package is not.

  • Teachers
  • Civil Servants
  • Military Personnel
  • Mothers
  • Nurses
  • Social Workers
  • Church volunteers
  • I’m sure you could add to this list…

I doubt that any of us are getting a $320,000 raise any time soon. But perhaps we could give our perspectives a $320,000 raise and understand that the value of what we’re doing is far greater than the money that we’re making.

Your worth is determined by the God who is in you and the impact He’s making through you. And believe me, it actually makes the $320,000 look like chump change.



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