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God’s Plan for Your Life…



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Part of a Story that never ends!

I Am Not“Abandoning the tiny story of me and embracing the forever Story of Jesus will allow our little lives to be filled with the wonder of God as we live for the unending applause of His name. And joining our small stories to His will give us what we all want most in life, anyway: the assurance that our brief moments on earth will count for something in a Story that never ends.”

~ Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I AM by Louie Giglio


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Feeling small can have big benefits!

Big TreeThe truth is, feeling small may not be so bad after all, if in recognizing our smallness, we come to realize the wonder of God—a God who is beyond our ability to fully describe or imagine, yet Someone we are privileged to know, love, and embrace. Looking up from our fragile little lives, we are faced with the supremacy of a God who is fully capable of not only running the entire cosmos today—a task that doesn’t tax Him in the slightest—but of sustaining the affairs of our lives as well. 

~ Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

Maybe the reason that feeling small is sometimes difficult is because we are comparing ourselves to others. In reality, from God’s point of view we are all small and yet so valuable that He sent His only Son to die for us.


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Missed opportunities?

Empty desert“Not that finding Moses was all that difficult for God. He didn’t have to do a Google search. He knew exactly where to find him. For even though Moses was on the “backside of nowhere,” the nowhere he was on the backside of was a place called Mt. Horeb—a name which means the mountain of God. Moses probably thought he was alone with the flock for another dusty day, stranded in the wilderness, just counting the days in the closing chapters of his life. Little did he know that he was tending his sheep in God’s neighborhood, or that he was about to be invited to play a major role in God’s deliverance plan.”
~ Excerpted from I Am Not But I Know I Am by Louie Giglio

I don’t know about you but most days I feel like I’m going about my daily activities somewhere between nowhere and a black hole. Nothing special going on. No fanfare. Just the ordinary moments of another ordinary day. I’m guessing that’s how Moses felt.

But if God is present everywhere – and I believe He is – and His Spirit is already working in or on the lives of people all around us then every moment, every situation, every ordinary moment of every day is ripe with divine potential.

I wonder how many God-ordained opportunities we might be missing because we are not alive to the moment and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit?


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Climbing Mount God

So—how do you scale something as majestic as Mount God? How do you get to know someone as big as Him?

Answer: a little at a time.

We don’t wake up one day to discover that we are really “tight” with God just because we want to be. Knowing God—like going up the Matterhorn—requires that we pay a price. And that we take a lot of small steps every day.

But the main thing is to take the first step. In the little book of James we find the promise, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” God has already made the first move, inviting you through His Son Jesus Christ to come as close as you want. But you have to respond, telling (and showing) God that you want to be His friend.
~ Excerpted from Wired: For a Life of Worship by Louie Giglio

How can you take the first step toward knowing God better today?


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Only nobodies need apply!

This past weekend I watched a message by Louie Giglio about Exodus 3 where God speaks to Moses through a burning bush that doesn’t burn up. He had a variety of great insights about the whole encounter but one especially stood out.

Moses was 80 years old when God sent him to Egypt as His messenger to lead the Israelites out of slavery. Moses questioned God’s choice of him and with good reason. He wasn’t on anybody’s A-list. He was over-the-hill. On the downside of life. Literally, out to pasture tending his father-in-law’s herds.

When Moses expressed concern about being the right man for the task God didn’t reassure him by building up his confidence but by simply stating that He, God Himself, was going to be with Moses. God was the assurance factor in all of this; Moses was merely the human mouth piece.

But maybe God chose Moses exactly because he wasn’t qualified for such a monumental endeavor. That way no one would argue about who deserved the credit and the glory. And maybe God doesn’t call those who think they should be called because He doesn’t want the hassle of people debating who deserves the attention; it should always go to God.

When Paul wrote to the believers in Corinth about the ministry they had been given of sharing the Gospel of Jesus he referred to it as a treasure and that they were mere jars of clay. Notice why Paul uses that analogy.

But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us. ~ 2 Corinthians 4:7

Reread that last part. Paul said it happens this way so show that the “all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

If God puts some task in front of you today or this week that seems too big for you to handle, consider it an open invitation to be part of God’s unfolding and amazing story. He is working all around us in some pretty amazing ways and he needs a few more nobodies to share in the adventure.


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