Keep tossing the pebbles!

Do you remember playing in or around water when you were a kid… or last summer? Tossing sticks into the creek and watching them float downstream. Skipping flat stones across the surface. Dropping a pebble in a still pond and watching the ripples roll on and on and on…

The pebble toss comes to mind with my blog. For the majority of 2010 it averaged about 300 views a week or 1200 a month. But the last four months it has steadily increased and nearly doubled. It went from 1259 views in December to 2327 views in March! WOW!

It’s not because I have done anything different because I haven’t. I post the blog/toss the pebble and many of you are passing it along or reposting it in other venues like Facebook. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

The same thing happens every time we offer a kind or generous deed. It immediately blesses others but then moves that person or group to bless others. It rolls on and on and on… The truth is that we may never know how far a single blessing travels until we get to heaven.

Keep tossing the pebbles!


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9 responses to “Keep tossing the pebbles!

  1. darla

    I just think it’s so cool that you allow God to bless all of us through your writing! Each of us has something to give, a unique way God has created us — this is definitely God-inspired and I am so grateful you take the time to do this, Rick!

    You inspire me! Where’s my pebble going today?…

  2. Leslie

    The sad thing is, the bad stuff ripples the same way. Thus, we need to be careful in what we say & do around others. My bad mood, say, can cause a bad mood in the next person, etc., etc., & before long you caused a bad rippling effect. Thank you for reminding us that good deeds can also ripple & have good results.

  3. Carl

    I look forward to your message each day Rick, at times during a frantic eight hours at work it snaps me back into reality and what is important and what my priorities should be. You keep preaching and we will keep finding others to listen >

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