“I am not a fan of Jesus”

It’s not often that I recommend a resource before I’ve actually read or watched it but that’s how sure I am of Kyle Idleman’s new book – Not a Fan: Becoming a Completely Committed Follower of Jesus. I’ve heard Kyle preach/teach on numerous occasions and he is not only one of the most gifted communicators I know but also one of the most authentic. The following is from his website.

Are you a follower of Jesus?

Don’t answer too quickly.

In fact, you may want to read the book before you answer at all. Consider it a “Define the Relationship” conversation to determine exactly where you stand.

fan: an enthusiastic admirer.

In the Gospels, Jesus never seemed too interested in fans.

Is that how you define your relationship with Him? An “enthusiastic admirer”? Close enough to Jesus to get the benefits but not so close to require sacrifice?

He was looking for followers. Not just any follower though, but a…

completely. committed. follower.

How would things change if we lived as Jesus lived, and loved the way He loved?



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9 responses to ““I am not a fan of Jesus”

  1. Janice Brook

    Mea culpa. If our churches were filled with completely committed followers of Jesus Christ the world would look much different than it does today.

  2. julie

    I thought being a follower was what it meant to go to church? Another book?? I feel so overwhelmed with resources and I havent even gotten that far with the Bible. eeks! But, its all good. : ^ )

  3. This sounds like a good read. I’ll have to check into it.
    I know the thought that’s been swimming around my mind for sometime now loosely relates to this topic and has to do with men (males) in the church today. After all, many of us have been to Promise Keepers or on other mountaintops, and have been challenged to live as Christ calls us.
    Why hasn’t our country changed for the better then? How have we impacted (I like to use the word “infected”) our nation for Christ?
    I smell another blog post coming on!

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  5. IvaluTheWord

    I was only in recent weeks, enlightened to this book. Although I have not picked it up as of yet, (soon! 🙂 )
    It is definitely one that seems sure to provoke us to do a thorough inward spiritual check about our claims, indeed! I look forward to reading it.
    I was intrigued by Kyle Idleman’s testimony regarding how he came about his own inner self revelation to prompt the writing of it.
    Blessings! ~ Always in His Word because He is in my Heart ~

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