Humorous church postcards!

Hey gang! We need your help picking a postcard to use for our church. We’ll put our vital info on the reverse side and our folks will share these with people they want to invite to church. Pick your top three and list them in the comment box for me. Thanks!

Blue Top Ten



Empty Toilet Roll


Long Faced Religion

Green Top Ten



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13 responses to “Humorous church postcards!

  1. Linda Moles

    DOG, Toilet Roll,Pews

  2. Suzanne Markley

    Dog, Drag and pews

  3. Darla Randall

    empty toilet roll, long faced religion, green top ten

  4. Leslie

    Dog, Hamster, Long Faced Religion

  5. Linda

    The DOG!!!!!!!!

  6. Chad Pentecost

    Drag, long face religion, pews.

  7. Diana

    Dog, Hamster, Empty Toilet Roll

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