Don’t go to church…


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6 responses to “Don’t go to church…

  1. Greetings my brother… Youve hit a nail on the head here. I have many frends who are telling me the same but I wonder if they are right?. Your blog heading has provoked me to post on this today, which is Good.I like to know your insight into this subject too.
    Youre a Blessing and have a God day

    • Hi Paul. The statement itself is not literally suggesting that people quit church but is trying to convey the idea that living as God’s church is a 24/7 journey. Too many “Christians” merely attend a gathering for 1 or 2 hours a week without entering into the life-changing relationship that God’s Spirit provides. And as we live out “being” the church then we will better reflect the grace and glory of God.

      There are followers of Jesus who advocate that the current structure of our churches is counterproductive. I’m not sure I totally agree but it has been good to wrestle with some of the ideas presented. The most recent one I’ve read is from a guy named Wolfgang Simson. You can read his “15 Thesis” here:

      Thanks for sharing the journey Paul and God bless!

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  3. I wonder if we know what that looks like. We’ve become so used to “going” to church that it is nicely compartmentalized and we forget to “be” the church.

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