A countercultural lifestyle of forgiveness

“The way you are with others every day, regardless of their status, is the true test of faith.” ~ Brennan Manning

“God calls His children to a countercultural lifestyle of forgiveness in a world that demands an eye for an eye – and worse. But if loving God is the first commandment, and loving our neighbor proves our love for God, and if it is easy to love those who love us, then loving our enemies must be the filial badge that identifies Abba’s children.”

The summons to live as forgiven and forgiving children is radically inclusive. The demands for forgiveness are so daunting that they seem humanly impossible. The exigencies (urgent action requiring great effort) of forgiveness are simply beyond the capacity of ungraced human will. Only reckless confidence in a Source greater than ourselves can empower us to forgive the wounds inflicted by others. In boundary moments such as these there is only one place to go – Calvary.”
~ From The Rabbi’s Heartbeat by Brennan Manning

Lord, empower us by Your grace to forgive those who have hurt us!


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4 responses to “A countercultural lifestyle of forgiveness

  1. Darla Randall

    only God can show us how to choose to forgive…thank you, Rick, for this post! (and nice wordle!)

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