On mission with God

Today a group of 11 people – 8 teenagers and 3 adults – loaded up and headed down to Nashville, TN for a week of mission work.

It’s easy to think of “mission work” as being only what happens in another country but there are many people and locations right here in the USA that are desperate for help both physically and spiritually.

It should be an interesting trip as the mission trip veterans are four of the teenagers. The rest, including the three adult sponsors, have never done a week-long mission trip. I’m excited for all that God is going to do in them and through them.

Would you take a moment to offer up to God a prayer for our group? Most importantly, pray that God would get ahold of their hearts and overwhelm them with His grace and mercy and glory. Some of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had were on mission trips.


And as you get ready to start another week, another ordinary week, keep in mind that God’s mission work isn’t limited to special trips but is going on all around us all the time.

How might God want to use us today or this week as we do life as His missionaries to a lost world?

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6 responses to “On mission with God

  1. Christy

    Thanks so much for the prayer requests. I am absolutely amazed at what God has done so far and we haven’t even left Indiana yet. Amazed at what He can get done when we are patient, trusting, faithful and the hardest of all- giving up control!!

  2. Kurt

    I hope you gave them some of the old “AIM” training! A little late in reading this, but praying just the same.

    • Hey Kurt! Thanks for the prayers! This is actually the first ever mission trip for our church so very exciting. Of three adult sponsors, none have been on a week-long trip. Four of the eight kids – two sets of twins, the girls are ours – have been on four mission trips so they are certainly the veterans. Great group so looking forward to hearing all about what God does in them and through them. Thanks again for the prayers!

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