For unto you a child is born

…with only the silent stars as witnesses, the child was born. The mother wrapped the baby in a blanket and carefully placed him in a straw-filled manger. The baby’s name was Jesus.

“He can’t be a king,” one of the stars said. “Kings aren’t born poor. We’ve been fooled.”  Feeling disappointed, many of the other stars agreed. But Little Star kept looking down at the baby.

Suddenly a thought came to him. “I think I understand,” Little Star cried out. “The baby Jesus IS a king! He’s just little!”

Little Star knew that Jesus could have chosen to be born in a palace, surrounded by riches, but instead, he had humbled himself to be born in a stable. He didn’t want to be rich and important. He wanted to be like the poorest of the poor. Jesus wanted to be born little to show all the people of the world that he loved them, no matter how small or poor they were.
~ Excerpted from Little Star by Anthony DeStefano

May all the riches of Christ be yours as you and

your loved ones celebrate Christmas!



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